The RAS Production System is based on Re-circulation via Internal Water Treatment Unit (RAS) resulting in an Industrial Fish Production System with the following advantages:

  • Low land requirement
  • Low water requirement
  • Industrial Fish Farming
  • High fish yield per land area
  • Compact – easy to fence and protect
  • Operates on year-round basis
  • Marketing fresh fish on daily basis
  • Environmentally sustainable and in compliance

Production system is comprises of two main components:
(1) Production tanks: Varying in size, volume and material.  Including: Concrete, plastic- lined, constructed above-ground. Adjusted to site-specific conditions and to required Production strategy.
(2) Internal Water Treatment Unit: To maintain optimal water quality in the production system; to enable maximum growth potential of the fish. Water is circulated continuously between the Production Tanks and the Water Treatment Unit. The size and type of components used depend on the fish species, on the production capacity, daily feed application and type of feed.

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