Aquaculture Production Technology (Israel) Ltd (APT) implements in-land fish farming aquaculture projects, using freshwater and integrated with irrigated agriculture.
Why Integrated Fish Farming and Irrigation?  – Fish production is compatible with irrigation in integrated systems, which are based on dual use of the same water, first for fish production and then for irrigation. This production strategy is widely used in Israel since the 1950’s. In fact, most of Israel fish farming industry is conducted in IFFI system.
IFFI, together with drip-irrigation, were two concepts developed, invented and implemented on a large scale in Israel in response to the chronic shortage of fresh water in this semi-arid country, in which the annual precipitation is less than 500 mm, concentrated in 5 months of rainy season.
These technologies are the key to enabling year-round cost-effective food production of irrigated crops and fish, in spite of the water deficiency.

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