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    Organic Tilapia

Organic Fish Farming

As Organic seafood becomes available the demand for Organic Fish in the US and EU is soaring due to consumer concern about food safety and health. Official reports estimates of U.S. organic food sales through all channels (including exports) from 1990 has been growing at a rate of 20-25% annually and reaching almost US$ 10 billion in 2003. The demand for Organic Fish is rapidly increasing, while the supply is very short. 

ĎOrganicí is defined as materials-based, process-oriented certification program that certifies livestock systems that are closed and managed. The ĎOrganic Sealí is awarded to agricultural and aquacultural products, which have been grown and processed according to USDA's National Organic Standards and certified by USDA-accredited State and private certification organizations.

Organic seafood has not received yet the USDA organic certification. In order to receive it for organic Tilapia, it is necessary to avoid use of hormones to convert all female Tilapia fry to male Tilapia fry.  APT has the ultimate solution:  Tilapia strains, which yield All-Male fry population without hormonal treatment for sex reversal.

APTís Organic Tilapia Program, entails supply of a complete Technology Package to ascertain the following:

a. Design of the Tilapia Fish Farm and its water system in eco-friendly manner.
b. Use of APTís ND-21 or ND-41 Tilapia strains, which yield ALL-MALE population without hormonal treatment.
c. Compliance with Traceability and Eco-labeling regulations.
d. Use of traceable Ďorganicí Tilapia feeds, even if at present the feeds do not qualify for the USDA Organic Seal label.
e. Construction and operation of APTís HACCP-approved Processing Plant.

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