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    Tilapia strains

The key to successful agriculture-aquaculture production is the use of improved, genetically selected strains. Classical genetic selection methods (excluding genetic engineering methods) are used to select for advantageous ‘Economic Traits’ of Tilapia.

APT offers unique Tilapia strains developed by Nir David Fish Breeding Farms with the following ‘Economic Traits’:
Growth to large size
To produce skinless fillet of 7-9 oz, it is necessary to produce 900 gram fish.
Tolerance to cold temperature
Even in tropical regions, ‘winter’ temperatures will decrease to 22-23 °C, resulting in reduced growth and spawning rates. This trait is required in order to effectively produce Tilapia in subtropical & temperate climate zones (Southern Brazil, Northern Peru, most of Mexico, China and South Africa). The
ND 41 strain is the answer.
Some consumers ‘eat’ with their eyes. Many love the red-snapper, but it is no longer available in most markets. The
ND 56 strain is the answer.
All-Male fry population without hormonal treatment
In Tilapia farming, only male population is raised, to avoid wild-spawning and avoid the small size of females. Most growers use hormones to convert female fry to male fry. Our
ND 21 and ND 41 hybrids are All-Male without hormonal treatment. This is the key to organic Tilapia farming.
Tolerance to high salinity
Certain Tilapia species can be raised in high salinity, up to seawater level. A variant of our
ND 56 is the answer.
Resistance to Streptococcus
Most Tilapia are sensitive to Streptococcus infection, resulting in ‘crawling mortality’. Our
ND 56 is largely resistant to this infection.
Docile behavior
An important economic trait resulting in reduced losses.

The performance of genetically selected strains is maximized in properly designed production systems. APT supplies
design engineering for the brood stock maintenance facility and the spawning ponds, as well as Manual of Operation for Tilapia fry production.

APT supplies female and male fry of the various parental stocks, to enable you to become an independent, and self-sufficient producer.

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