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Renewable Energy and Fish Production
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Tilapia strains
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Integrate Tilapia & Shrimp


The development of effective fish farming projects requires technological input. Aquaculture technology refers to a wide variety of subjects and fields, which affect the performance of the fish or Shrimp farming project, and which must be taken into consideration from inception.

Aquaculture technology does not refer merely to knowing ‘how to grow the fish in the tank’. After all, the intention is to design and construct a sustainable and profitable venture, which will remain in operation over the years.

APT’s scope of technological input addresses numerous related issues, some of them are described herein.

Correct design of a fish farming aquaculture project should take into account the need to produce alternative crops in the same system. For example, various strains of a certain species, with different economic traits and marketing niches, such as various Tilapia strains, or ‘Crop Rotation’ by growing Tilapia in Shrimp ponds.

Correct design of the fish farm should ensure cost-effective operation and environmentally sound water system and water management. Using the re-circulation green water system the project benefits by saving electricity, reducing feed costs, ensuring high water quality and adhering to environmental standards. When fish farming is implemented near agricultural areas, the use of integrated fish farming and irrigation, adds numerous advantages.

Fish farming can bring significant economic development into depressed regions, especially in less developed countries. Satellite Farming expansion is beneficial both to the private sector and local farming communities.

APT brings wide technological capabilities enabling a Total Project Approach to fish farming.

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