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    Total Project Approach

Total Project Approach answers the need of those embarking on or diversifying into fish farming. Total Project Approach provides comprehensive technological envelope for the design, construction and operational aspects of fish farming. Unlike well established animal husbandry branches, such as poultry, advanced fish farming is a young food production branch where reliable professional expertise is not readily available.

APT can help you develop advanced fish farming in your country and your region. Total Project Approach means that we stand by you from the beginning, when you know next to nothing about advanced fish farming.

The starting point is YOU, and the region in which you wish to consider fish farming.
The end point is a complete fish farming production line from “egg to fillet”.

We shall help you to
rapidly evaluate your setting and then devise the optimal production concept to suit your land and region. If you are in the agriculture sector already, and you irrigate, we offer integration of Tilapia fish farming with irrigation. If you are located in a coastal region and practice Shrimp production, we  can show you how to integrate Tilapia fish and Shrimp farming. In any event, we adapt profitable fish farming concepts to your set of conditions. 

We shall conduct a
Feasibility Study for your proposed project and prepare a bankable Business Plan. We will assist in the presentation of the Business Plan to local and international financial institutions.

Included in the Total Project Approach are all the
professional services and engineering ensuring proper design and construction of an eco-friendly fish farm. The best genetic strains and equipment will be used for cost-effective production. Our highly skilled aquaculture experts will help you manage all production aspects of the farm. 

And yes, we will assist in export marketing.

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