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    Integrated Fish Farming & Irrigation - IFFI

Fish Farming is compatible with Irrigation and can be integrated to increase profitability of both production systems. This is especially relevant in this era of increased world demand for basic crop commodities (soy, corn, barley, cotton, suflower seed, etc.) and implementation of large-scale green energy and biofuel projects, based on sugar cane, corn, jatropha, etc.

Integrated Fish Farming & Irrigation is achieved by constructing the fish farm facility between the water source and the irrigated field.

Water is used TWICE:
APT Fish Farming Project in Honduras

1. for fish production
2. for irrigation

Any water source could be used, including - underground, river, or impounding reservoir, and any water supply system, including - gravitational, pumping, or a combination of both.

The use of water in IFFI is determined by the maximum profitability that can be derived from the combined production of fish and land crops.

Advantages of IFFI over an irrigation project producing only land crops, are:
Increase fish output, without reducing output of irrigated crops
Diversification into high value consumer food items fish fillets
Diversification into a green-tech biofuel crops
Reduced irrigation costs for biofuel and food crops
Exportation of highly demanded products
Overall reduction in production cost by sharing water costs
Increase in rate of return on investments in the water supply and distribution
Environmentally sustainable system

How to integrate Fish Farming and Irrigation?

 Location: Fish ponds between the water source and irrigated fields
Potential water sources: River, reservoir, underground
Potential IFFI systems: Gravity, pumping, combination
Double water usage: First for fish, then for plants
Discharge (N & P): Fertilizers for plants
Minimized investment: Common facilities
Optimized operation: Shared operating costs
Maximized profitability: Combined pond and field output

What fish to produce in my Integrated Fish Farm and Irrigation project?
APT recommends special Tilapia strains, catfish and other freshwater aquatic species.
APT will provide complete technology package for: construction of the Tilapia fish farm, Tilapia production, processing and marketing.

How to evaluate the potential of my integrated fish farm and irrigation project?
Contact APT with information on your land, water source, climatic conditions and irrigation schedules. APT will provide information on fish production potential in your farm and how to achieve it.

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