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List of Services
    Pre-decision stage
    Construction stage
    Operation stage
Economic analysis
Feasibility Study
Tilapia brood stock
Processing Plant

    Pre-decision Stage
Developing the aquaculture project concept
Upon contacting Aquaculture Production Technology, our experts will discuss fish and Shrimp farming possibilities in your country and region, based on the local conditions and your business goals. You will understand the main features of aquaculture, fish farming, Tilapia farming and shrimp farming. APT will then assist in formulating a Fish Farming Business Concept, which you can adopt for further investigation.
Site identification for the fish farm
APT provides site selection guidelines to assist the client in identifying potential sites for the fish farm. Data is gathered using APTís Data Collection Manual. When you identify 2-3 suitable sites, with approved land and water conditions, APT experts will visit the sites. APT offers a free of charge
Rapid Evaluation Program.
Site inspection visit
APT experts will travel to visit your country to inspect the potential site(s) for the fish-farming project. Our aquaculture experts will conduct thorough technical inspection regarding topography, soil, water source, water quality, etc., will instruct you as to additional tests required and will collect all necessary data to ensure correct selection of the best site for the Tilapia fish farm.
Feasibility Study and Business Plan
APT performs the Feasibility Study and/or the Business Plan for the establishment of the proposed fish farming aquaculture project. The Feasibility Study and Business Plan are prepared for a specific site, with specific production goals in mind. (
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