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List of Services
    Pre-decision stage
    Construction stage
    Operation stage
Economic analysis
Feasibility Study
Tilapia brood stock
Processing Plant

    Operation Stage
Long-term technical management
APT farm managers and experts are available for long-term on-site technical management.
Start-up & running-in of the fish farm
APT technicians are available for short or long-term on-site duty to start-up the fish farming project, make fine-tuning adjustments and train local staff.
Staff training
Training of your professional fish farming technical staff can be done on site, by APT qualified aquaculture technicians, or at home base, for periods of up to 6 months. Such training is conducted in large scale operating fish farms in Israel.
Technical supervision of the fish farm
Our home-based staff, routinely follow project operation and provide technical supervision. APT staff conducts periodic visits to the fish farm, making sure that the project operates at its maximum efficiency.
APT provides trouble-shooting services in the fields of fish nutrition, disease control, ponds ecology, water treatment, fish population management, fish production and quality control.
Marketing assistance
APT provides processing and packaging specifications and helps make contacts between project owners and seafood buyers.

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