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    Basic and Detailed Engineering

Engineering services provided by APT for a typical aquaculture project.

The scope of work will be adapted on a case by case basis, to suit each individual project, according to site conditions, project scale and the design requirements. The total scope of the engineering work can be done by APT alone, or in cooperation with a local engineering company, which will operate under the supervision of APT, and will carry out part of the scope of work, as shall be agreed.

Engineering services are provided by our affiliated company "PAZ" Engineering and Management (1980) Ltd.

Basic engineering for the implementation of an aquaculture project includes:

Layout - Review of several layout alternatives of main production facilities. Detailed layout of selected, most suitable, alternative.
Flow scheme - Quantitative and qualitative engineering analysis of the water supply, drainage system and re-circulation water system.
Project development - Flow sheet showing the step by step project development in stages.
Ponds - Specifications and detailed design of typical ponds for fish and Shrimp (the project may include 3-5 types of typical ponds, for the various production phases).
Main water intakes - Specifications and design of main water intakes (from sea, estuary, canal or river).
Water supply and drainage - Detailed design of the water systems and its various structures, adapted to the site topography, and including flow diagrams of the water supply and drainage systems.
Earthmoving - Guidelines for earthworks, computerized optimization of ‘cut and fill’ calculations.
Tender for earthworks - List of items to be included in the tender for earthworks.
Pond inlet and outlet - Specifications and design of inlet and outlet structures.
Concrete works - Specifications and Guidelines for all concrete works, wherever applicable.
Structural works - Guidelines for structural works, wherever applicable.
Electrical system - Conceptual design of the electrical supply and distribution system, and an electrical one-line diagram.
Mobile equipment - Specifications and / or drawings of mobile operational equipment.
Operating equipment - Specifications and capacity calculations of the operating equipment, such as Fish Elevators, Screw Elevators, Automated Mobile Sorting Machine, Transfer Tanks, Chilled Water Installation for filling Transfer Tanks, etc.
Processing plant - Basic and Detailed Engineering of processing plant building, piping, water system; air conditioning, cooling and refrigeration systems. General layout of the processing plant; flow scheme and block diagrams of the processing plant; processing equipment specifications; electrical system and distribution; electrical one-line diagram; specifications for the treatment plant.
Laboratory - Specifications for laboratory equipment.
Operational structures - Guidelines for operational buildings (such as - feed storage, maintenance buildings, laboratory building, etc.).

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