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Economic analysis
Feasibility Study
Tilapia brood stock
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    Economic analysis of Tilapia farming

APT performs economic and financial projections for Tilapia fish farming projects. The results are incorporated in a Business Plan and presented in a Bankable format facilitating the interactions with investors, financing sources and regulatory entities.

 Economic Performance, Foreign Currency Generation/Expenditure  Investments and operational costs

Major economic and financial aspects of the Business Plan:

Estimate of the Capital Investment, including Foreign Currency Expenditure, required for establishing a Tilapia farming project, such as: land acquisition, facilities, equipment, contracted work, etc.

Financial Structure including Interim and Short Term Financing, Grants and Incentives.

Operating Costs associated with operating the fish farm, such as: feed, labor, energy,  broodstock replenishment, packaging, marketing, taxes, etc.

Working Capital
10 Years Economic Projection
Economic Performance: EBIDA, Cash flow, ROI, NPV, IRR, other economic ratios
Taxes Assessment
Proforma Balance Sheet
Economic Sensitivity Analysis
Contribution to National Economy
Contribution to Equity Investors

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