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List of Services
    Pre-decision stage
    Construction stage
    Operation stage
Economic analysis
Feasibility Study
Tilapia brood stock
Processing Plant

    Construction Stage
Environmental Impact Assessment of the aquaculture project
APT aquaculture projects are designed and constructed as eco-friendly systems, complying with strict environmental regulations. Environmental Impact Assessment is prepared to ensure necessary official Permits and acceptance by international consumer organizations and health authorities of the importing countries.
Basic & detailed engineering of the fish farm
engineering design and optimization of all production phases: spawning, nursery and growout. Complete engineering of main installations and auxiliary systems, including: land preparation, earthworks, civil works, water supply and drainage systems, electrical systems, aeration systems, feeding systems.
Basic & detailed engineering of the Processing Plant
Professional engineering design and optimization of the
Processing Plant. APT engineers design: custom-made fish processing equipment for Tilapia and other fish species; the Processing Plant building and its cooling systems, piping system, air-conditioning and electrical system; fish purging ponds; water treatment plant. APT implements quality control procedures to ensure HACCP approval, as well as, compliance with quality & safety regulations of the target market countries.

Construction supervision / management
APT engineers supervise the aquaculture project construction either by long-term presence on site or via periodic site-visits to oversee local contractors.

Aquaculture Equipment - Specifications and Procurement
APT provides operational specifications for the required
fish farming equipment. In addition, APT facilitates equipment procurement by preparing technical bids and analyzing quotation proposals from suppliers.
High-performance brood stock
APT provides genetically improved
Tilapia brood-stock which produce high-quality hybrids.
Operating Manual for the Fish Farm
Manuals of Operation for each project, detailing the step-by-step instructions for operating each production stage, e.g. hatchery, nursery, growout ponds.
Operating manual for the Processing Plant
Custom-made document for each project, detailing step-by-step instructions for operating the fish processing plant, offal plant and waste treatment plant.

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