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    ND 56 RED Tilapia hybrids

The ND 56 is a hybrid Tilapia cross between:

· Female - ND-5 Tilapia family line
· Male     - ND-6 Tilapia family line

ND-56 RED Tilapia hybrids
ND 56 strain – similar to Red Snapper

The economic traits of the ND 56 Tilapia hybrids are:

Uniform RED color
The ND 56 Tilapia has a uniform Red color skin, without any spots and without white pale skin. The abdominal peritoneum (the belly membrane) is pink, rather than black, as in other Tilapias. This fish is similar to Red Snapper (known as ‘Huachinango’ Tilapia in Mexico) and is very attractive in certain markets.
All-Male population obtained using hormonal sex reversal
The ND 56 Tilapia hybrids are all-male population, obtained by inducing sex reversal of females to males by hormonal treatment during 21 days at the initial larval stage.
Docile behavior
Very docile and calm fish, allowing easy work during sampling, transfers and harvesting. There are no losses due to aggressive behavior.
Fast growth
The growth rate of ND 56 Tilapia hybrids is comparable to O. nilotica.
Growth in high salinity
ND 56 can grow in saline water of up to ~ 35 ppt salinity. The perfect fish for integrated Tilapia and Shrimp production.
High fecundity
The ND 5 and 6 parental stocks yield ~ 300 fry per female per month at maturity.

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