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Name of Project: American Quality Aquaculture S.A.
Source of technology: APT
Country: Peru
Major product: Fresh / Frozen Tilapia fillets, 5-9 oz
Major Markets: US, EU and domestic market
Start up year: 2001
Present level of production: 2,200 tons/year
Land area: 40 ha
Water source: Gravity flow from irrigation canal, 6.0 m³/sec

Poechos, Peru - Fish Farm Slideshow

This Tilapia fish farm, designed by APT, is located in Northern Peru, and receives water from the 885 million m Reservoir Poechos, which was created by damming Rio Chira. One of its discharge canals flows at 70 m/sec. The Chira-Piura Water Authorities have agreed to allocate a flow of 6 m/sec for the exclusive use of this project.

The project is a super-intensive, flow-through production system, using gravity water flow, at a rate sufficient to provide needed oxygen and remove all wastes. The project is self-sufficient with a complete production line, including Hatchery, Nursery and Growout. The production capacity of the raceway ponds is about 70-80 kg per
per year, equivalent to an output of 700-800 ton per ha per year. In addition, a reservoir of 12.0 ha was constructed for re-circulation of green-water during the irrigation break.

Since the water temperature is slightly cool, at 24 C, we use
ND-41 cold resistant Tilapia strain. This Tilapia strain has two major economic traits:

(a) It yields All-Male hybrids, without the need for sex reversal of the fry with hormones, suitable for sale as
Organic Tilapia.

(b) The hybrids are resistant to cold temperature, and continue to grow and spawn 2-4 °C below that of O. nilotica.

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