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Name of Project: Fresh Catch Belize Ltd.
Source of technology: APT
Country: Belize
Species: Tilapia nilotica and ND-21
Major product: Fresh skinless, boneless fillets, 5-7 oz
Major Markets: US and Mexico
Start up year: 2001
Present level of production: 1,300 tons/year
Land area: 38 ha
Water source: Pumping from Sibun river
Development stages: Three stages of 1,300 ton/year, total ~4,000 ton/year

Belize slideshow
from early construction to packed Tilapia Fillets

This Tilapia fish farm is vertically-integrated, including: owning brood stock and producing fry, growing fish to market size of 900 g, and processing fish into fresh skinless boneless fillets, on site. Fillets are air freighted daily to Miami.

The project is based on earthen ponds with mechanical aeration, and minimal  pumping from the river for compensation against seepage and evaporation losses. The design of the Tilapia Farm is based on ‘green-water’ re-circulation, through 'green-water' reservoir. 

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