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The seafood market
Depletion of ocean fisheries
World aquaculture output
Fresh Tilapia fillets
Organic Tilapia

    World aquaculture output

Aquaculture and fish farming - the husbandry of aquatic organisms.

Why ‘Fish Farming’?

Supply of seafood from ocean capture fisheries is declining due to over-fishing and pollution.

Demand for quality seafood is soaring due to population increase and health considerations.
Consumers everywhere want consistency in quality, safety and availability at the right price. Seafood industry is the fastest growing.

How much seafood is produced by aquaculture?
In 2003, World aquaculture
seafood production contributed about 40 million tons, or about 30% of total World fisheries production of about 130 million tons. A decade ago, aquaculture contributed merely 17 million tons, making it the fastest growing food production branch Worldwide.

Where is aquaculture conducted?
Almost everywhere, in cold climate developed countries, as well as in tropical climate less-developed countries, over all continents:

37.0 million tons, mostly in China

2.0 million tons
Americas 1.2 million tons
Africa 0.28 million tons, mostly in Egypt.

Fresh water aquaculture: contributes about 58% of World aquaculture output.
Marine aquaculture: contributes about 42% of World aquaculture output.

What is produced in aquaculture?
In developed countries: Salmon, Sea bream, Sea bass, Catfish, etc.
In less-developed countries: Marine aquatic plant Kelp, various Carps, Nile Tilapia, oysters various Shrimp species, mostly produced in extensive, low grade systems.

Main products produced in less developed countries for export into the developed markets (EU, US , Japan) are prawns, Shrimp, oysters, scallops, Catfish, Tilapia

More than 80% of World aquaculture production is carried out in low-income countries, supplying their own domestic markets.

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