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The seafood market
Depletion of ocean fisheries
World aquaculture output
Fresh Tilapia fillets
Organic Tilapia

    The seafood market

The global seafood market is estimated at US$ 100 billion per year.

World per capita consumption: at present, about 16 kg.

Major seafood markets: Japan, US and European Union (EU). These markets depend on imports 40-60% of their
seafood consumption.

Seafood counter in supermarket selling ND-56 Tilapia
Seafood counter in supermarket selling ND-56 Tilapia

World fish consumption increases since the 1960s, driven by

Increase in per capita consumption (due to health concerns, increased Standard of Living, immigration).

General population growth.

World capture fisheries decreases since the 1960s, driven by
Introduction of advanced fishing technology & gear.

As a result: From 1970 to 2003, seafood prices increased by 566%, compared with 297% increase in red meat and 194% in poultry.

Future World demand for seafood:

The increase in World demand is estimated at 0.5 - 3.0% per year.

World per capita consumption will increase to 19-21 kg, in 2030.
On average, this means additional annual requirements of 650,000 tons in the EU, and 250,000 tons in the US .
By the year 2010, shortage of seafood supplies will increase to 40 million tons per year.

Considering the Depletion of ocean capture fisheries, this increased demand can only be satisfied by Aquaculture, the husbandry of aquatic organisms.


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