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The seafood market
Depletion of ocean fisheries
World aquaculture output
Fresh Tilapia fillets
Organic Tilapia

    Fresh Tilapia fillets

Fresh Tilapia fillets constitute a CORE seafood product in the supermarket and restaurant sectors in the US and EU.

Fresh Tilapia fillets

Business drivers:
US & EU demand for high quality, safe and consistent supply is soaring.
Seafood Service Companies seek integration of production and marketing .
Tilapia fillets are among the “10 most wanted seafood products” in the US .
Premium price for FRESH fillets.
‘Organic’ Tilapia – fast growing market segment in the US and EU.
Competitive advantage – airfreight of perishable product.

Marketing features:
Reached the ‘Top-10 US seafood products’ since 2002.
2nd fastest growing product by restaurant menu appearances.
Among the top 15 fastest growing food products by sale.
40% growth per annum in Tilapia imports over the decade from 1992 to 2003.
Since 1995, Tilapia imports to the US rose 567%.
Since 2001, fresh Tilapia imports to US have risen by 66%.
The selling price of FRESH Tilapia fillet is 37% higher than frozen Tilapia fillet.
Fresh Tilapia fillets won Best Product Prizes.
Imported Fresh Tilapia fillets comply with US and EU quality regulations, related to:
  • Product safety
  • Product quality
  • Traceability
  • Labeling
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Social sustainability
  • Product security

           Tilapia imports to US between 1993-2003 in metric tons

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